Have you been in a deep wilderness season you thought you'd never escape?  Felt so exhausted, stuck, and scared, some days simply putting one foot in front of the other felt impossible?  This battle is very real and fought quietly by more people than we realize. But...it need not win the war!  Enter hope.  Wisdom from the Wilderness chronicles one woman's journey through four years of a debilitating mental health crisis.  It celebrates her recovery journey, and in the end, her emergence into a renewed, healed, and thriving "chapter two life".  You will learn proactive strategies to recognize the warning signs, interrupt the "spiral", and practice healthy habits to get unstuck.  Your darkest chapter need not be your final chapter.  You can conquer seasons of darkness and thrive!  Wisdom from the Wilderness can help.


Wisdom from the Wilderness

If you feel so stuck in life that it's hard to get out of bed in the morning or have the energy and motivation to practice self-care, you need to know you're not the only one. If worry is crippling your ability to feel joy and gratitude in everyday blessings, you're not destined to feel this way forever.

Wisdom from the Wilderness is a friend who has been there, taking your hand, really seeing you in your struggle, and showing you the way out.

You are not alone sister! Let's do this together.





I'm Jen McClure! I empower women through life coaching and in my role as a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. After walking through a wilderness season from breakdown to breakthrough, it is my mission to help women move from feeling stuck, to thriving.

I am a precious daughter of the Most-High God! My "bestie" David and I live in beautiful Stockbridge, MI. I'm mom to Liz, Ariel, and Ryan, and “Glam-ma” to Jon and Jethro.



"Jen has stood by me through thick and thin, highs and lows. She has been there to congratulate me on my achievements and mentor me during a cessation. She absolutely is the light during darkness; empowering through empathy, integrity, and gratitude."

Heather A.

“Jen is FAITH FILLED! She goes above and beyond for others and always holds a positive perspective. She is the type of person that will change your life forever.” 

Ashley D.

"Jen made herself available for pep talks, makeovers, and prayer support. When I ask for advice, I know I can trust it. She doesn’t just tell me what needs, to change. She cheers me every step of the way. Every victory I have, we have together, because she loves lifting others up."

Nikki W.

"Jen is FULL of life and exudes joy. Simply being around her, makes you feel happier. Her zest for life and overall kindness to everyone is something I learn from!" 

Jane M.

"Jen has been an influential leader in my life and a friend! I have never watched anyone rise up out of the ashes and soar quite like she has. She is the true definition of a Phoenix!!!"

Shauntel S.


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Wisdom From The Wilderness